Kickstarter Campaign on the Way

We are pleased to announce that we have submitted our product Tribium Lights fundraising campaign to Kickstarter for approval. In couple of days we should get the response and be ready to launch!

The main reason for a campaign is to collect funds for the first production batch. For collected money we will be able to purchase couple of essential tools (like 3d printers) and stock up components. The time will also be used to finish the firmware (some less-essential functions are still lacking and need to be implemented) before the devices are sent to our backers. In addition several improvements are planned to be added to the software of the phone app for better user experience.

Other use of funds will be to perform certain mandatory tests (by FCC certified lab) to make sure our devices are approved by FCC for sale in the USA.

Initially the main controller as well the sensors will be available solely through the Kickstarter campaign. If the campaign succeeds it will give great boost to our project, jump starts our production capabilities and then the products will be likely available for sale on Amazon as well.

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