How to Trigger Lights from Arduino or Raspberry Pi

One of the interesting application of the Tribium Lights controller is integration with any simple project you may have using Arduino (ATMEGA) boards or Raspberry Pi. Both of these boards require slightly different approach.

If you want to trigger the lights from the Raspberry Pi it is as simple as connecting the RPi ground to controller ground on the motion sensor connector input and then any of the digital pin of RPi to Singnal input. As it is illustrated on the schematic below. Since Raspberry Pi pins (ports) operate with 3.3V logical levels it is compatible with motion sensor inputs of the Tribium Lights controller.

With Arduino boards it is different situation since all ports operate on 5V logic levels. That means we need to use voltage divider to reduce the voltage from 5V to 3.3V. This situation is presented on the diagram below. Any signals sent from the pin D12 are converted from 0-5V range to 0-3.3V range which can be safely connected to the signal input of the motion sensor connector.

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