Update on Kickstarter Campaign

Unfortunately our Kickstarter campaign was not successful and we did not get any pledges. That of course does not mean the product is bad or may not be useful. We suspect that the main reasons of such unsatisfactory outcome is lack of sufficient promotional effort as well lack of “coolness” in product presentation. These things are now on the list to be improved in the future.

This campaign prompted some reflections on the process of promoting such projects by the Kickstarter platform itself. We initially counted on Kickstarter to channel some of their users to our project page. However, it seems that, what they underscore in many instances, it is required that the project achieves some threshold of support from backers collected organically (via our own promotional efforts) then when there is chance of the success – Kickstarter channels their own traffic (i.e. by placing the campaign at the top of most visible ones). This of course did not happen and we are where we are.

Whatever the outcome we are happy the campaign concluded. Lots of invaluable lessons were learned in the process. All work put into the process was pretty much used in other places. One great benefit of the such campaign was giving us great motivation to define a product and present it on our website. Now we will focus on finishing the product with use of our own funds and producing initial stock of devices before opening officially sales via the Amazon.com website. There will be lots of new cool features added to the device itself (its firmware) and the phone App will be largely rebuilt to make it more user-friendly with lots of exciting improvements. Stay tuned!

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