It Feels Like Christmas in June!

We have finally received parts to build our first batch of Tribium Lights controllers which we plan to make available for purchase on! Because of the global pandemic situation the delivery of parts from China have been delayed to unbearable lengths. But just now we have received the most important components so our work can resume.

While waiting for the components we tried to use the time to improve the firmware of the devices and test it as much as possible before it will be flashed onto devices for sale. New functions will use internal scheduler to plan ahead in time when the lights should be started.

Another exciting addition to the functionality of the system are actions. Now the user can define actions which are like ‘dynamic’ arrangements. You can select lights and their programs and then you may chose how they should be animated in function of time. There are 3 types of actions now (each parameterized) and in the future we will be adding even more. Imagination is the only limit here.

When the products become available for purchase, we will start working on several improvements to the phone application, mostly aiming to make its use more easy and intuitive for the casual user. So there will be added more automation and complex technicalities will be avoided if that is possible or explained in more details directly on the application. This should in general make the app more pleasant to use.

Any changes to the phone app will be available via regular app store update.

Plentiful of MOSFET transistors!
And other important goodies.

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