Tribium Lights App Almost There!

Things were quiet recently which does not mean there was nothing happening. We were very busy working on the newest version of the software for the Android. As it happens we have just finished it! Or at least the part related to controlling the Tribium Lights devices. There is still work left to improve the remaining part of the Tribium Things application: to be able to control multiple controllers in your network much easier, add new controllers in more intuitive way or find already existing in your network but not registered with the App. And this is focus of our work now.

So stay tuned. Soon the App should be completely ready and we should be able to make our product available for our customers soon.

Below are listed all the new features of the application.

Tabbed View

The main view has been broken into six separate tabbed pages. This allows to present more detailed information in organized and convenient fashion.

Easier Program Selection

Now selecting new program is very easy and you may choose from variety of preset programs and then adjust them for your specific needs. Same goes for actions.

More Help

Each of the views with details has lots of comments to the controls which provide immediate help in understanding their function.

Light Actions

We have introduced three types of animated lights. Now you can not only decide what programs the lights will execute and in what combination but also you may animate them in various ways, which we call ‘actions.’

New program: Stroboscopic Effect

Beside refreshing already existing light programs we have added completely new one which allows to generate variety of stroboscopic effects suitable for any party.


Now you can choose when to shine the lights or actions, at specific time of day or days of week or periods of the year etc. You can schedule them ahead and configure proper time regimen. The time is always exact, synchronized through the network, so you do not need to setup the clock and worry at this at all.

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