Tribium Things Released in Android Play Store!

We are excited to announce that the Tribium Things application was officially rolled out to Android Play Store and it is available there for download and installation.

To find it in the Play Store just look for “tribium things” in the search criteria.

Remember that in order for this application to be useful you need to have at least one of Tribium controller devices connected and registered with the application.

Among many things that have been improved since the initial version are:

  • Since each of the devices can be quite complex and have lots of sensors and other devices under control, we have divided the view into tabs. This way it is much easier to find the desired feature, sensor, or light, etc.
  • The look and feel of various screens have been completely reworked and improved user experience.
  • Registration of new devices is completely new and much more robust. You may add them as new or find as existing in your network already. You may add and manage whole groups of devices and hold them conveniently in hierarchical folders (called device groups).
  • Now you can schedule shining scenarios (sets or actions) at specific times of day, days of the week, month, etc.
  • Light actions feature enables to dynamically change the lights between various light sets and can be associated with sensors.
  • And much more.

Here is a picture showing a sample of screenshots from specific for the Tribium Lights device:

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