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Tribium DECISIONS - Benefits


There are various different ways the user may benefit from use of the Tribium DECISIONS application:

  • Better Understanding of the Problem

    By careful modeling and systematized deep thinking of the problem users of DMATRIX can achieve better picture of the problem, its scope, broad range of potential alternatives and their own preferences on several aspects of the problem.b This knowledge can effectively translate at the end of the process into powerful problem analysis and ultimately - good quality of decisions within time constraints.

  • Effective Information Collection

    It is important to identify and focus the research activities on specific areas of facts and systematically collect important information to properly evaluate alternatives. Use of DMATRIX facilitates effective managing of considerable amounts of data and guides user through that process.

  • Improving Communication

    Using decision support software all persons involved in decision making can clearly see what criteria and preferences contribute to decision and how problem is constructed. Each of the team members can provide his/her own input to the problem description, alternatives or preferences and thus have important influence on final outcome of decision process. This in turn increases feeling of the ownership and commitment to the decision.
    The information can be collected on the meetings (interactively) or in off-line mode (i.e. before meetings, via telephone or email conversation) thus saving team members' time.

  • Documenting Decisions

    All information collected by the system, input values for alternatives, preferences of stake-holders and decision makers with comments are kept together and can be immediately and effortlessly generated into configurable and attractive looking PDF reports (or other formats).
    Problems once defined and documented can be later reused in similar circumstances, adopted to new situation and alternatives thus effectively provide good basis for decision action. Documenting decisions is also visual and tangible measure of decision makers' effectiveness and professional skills.

  • Winning Consensus

    Complex decisions frequently involve more than one party which members may not share the same values and opinions. Using DMATRIX facilitates the process of achieving consensus amongst negotiating parties or contributors. The impersonal nature of evaluation process, objectiveness of the methodology, transparency of preferences can strongly improve the process of negotiations and coming to final decision with maximum satisfaction for all parties.

  • Uncovering hidden objectives, preferences, strong and weak points

    Sometimes it is difficult to find criteria that will drive our decisions. Sometimes it is even not clear what is the scope of the decision problem and about it's complexity. Thinking and ordering important values, criteria and preferences may lead to identify elements which existence and importance was not realized initially. This in turn can contribute to better problem definition and improve quality of decisions.

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