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  • Credit Scoring
  • Balanced Score Card
  • Project Prioritization
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Purchases
  • Public Projects
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Analysys
  • Product Design
  • Market Sector Analysis
Human Resources
  • Performance Analysis
  • Hiring New Employees


imagepopup Tribium DECISIONS is the Decision Support System (DSS) which allows to evaluate multiple alternatives against multiple hierarchy of objectives using user's specific preferences.
In short Tribium DECISIONS allows users to:

  • Create complex nonlinear deterministic decision problem models that contain hundreds of criteria (called objectives) ordered in hierarchies for easier management.

  • Match facts and opinions by use of many different preference functions that can be applied to inputs (alternative's attributes) and functions.

  • Evaluate, analyze and publish all the most important details of the decision problem in printable form (PDF).

Key Features

Hierarchical objective structure

Assigning custom preferences

Generate reports to PDF

Define constraints and set goals

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Benefits of DSS: Controlling Complexity

Vast majority of the decisions is relatively simple. They usually concern our private sphere, relate to countless subjects of our lives,and while they exist they are almost imperceptible. We must be very careful to actually focus and be very diligent to spot moments when we make those tiny decisions. Some examples are: buying products in the grocery store, choosing an article to read from the newspaper, choosing the right turn was driving the car, making simple decisions of what and when to open our mouth to speak, etc. 

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How to use constraints

Constraints are knowns as the limitations of the problem space applied while evaluating all identified alternatives using specific decision model. Constraint is simply a condition which must be met in order to assume that given alternative is acceptable. If the constraint condition for given alternative has been not satisfied it usually means that this alternative did not pass the basic test and cannot be considered as a valid alternative and should be discarded.

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When should you use DSS

Everyone would agree that there is many benefits of attentive and organized decision making process, especially with aid of computerized support. But what are these benefits exactly and when they really shine and in what situation they are just superfluous similar to drawing gun to kill the mosquito?

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