Configuring the Distance Sensors

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Infrared motion sensors are easy to use and configure, however they do not offer as much of the flexibility and precision that might be desirable for certain situations. For example motion sensors are not so precise to the distance of objects being detected. Also when the person remains immobile the sensor will cease to detect correctly, since it triggers on motion events and not just when the object is present.

In such situations the ultrasonic distance sensors can be really helpful. Not only they can detect position of a person with certain distance range, they can constantly perform the detection and they can work in concert with other distance sensors. If two or more sensors are used in concert the system can actually detect a person in specific position. Just like the stereoscopy works but instead of light two detectors use the sound.

[Image. Distance sensors working in concert detecting the object in specific place.]

This type of sensor works by periodically sensing impulse of sound that gets bounced off the object and returns back to the sensor. The time of flying the sound is measured and translated into the distance.

[Image of the sound bouncing off the object]

Wiring distance sensors

Tribium Lights controller allows to connect up to 4 distance sensors working together in concert or independently. Depending on the detection program they can control various different lights arrangements.

While you may make the wires on your own using connectors which we provide an option of purchasing wires of predefined lengths.

The wires must connect to exactly the same connectors on the controller board: