Connecting the Motion Sensors

[This page is still under construction]

The Tribium Lights controller can be used to control solely the LED lights and they can be switched on or off (with use of dimming programs) using time of the day, scheduler or manual ways. Although the best way to use this system is to control the lights in response to certain external situations, like ambient light levels, motion or distance detecting sensors.

This instruction covers how to properly connect wires from the sensors to the controller, as well how to enable the sensors on the device and use them to trigger various light programs.

Infrared motion sensors are one of the most useful and easy to use sensors. They are able to detect changes of infrared radiation in frequencies close to these emitted by the human body. In order to work the sensor needs to be in direct line with the object being subject of detection (human or other animal).

Side of the controller exposing the connectors for up to 4 motion sensors.

The Tribium Lights controller is capable of handling up to 4 independent motion sensors. When the motion is detected on particular sensor proper light indicator (blue) will shine on the controller front face. This can enable the user to see if the sensor indeed works and its sensitivity can be adjusted accordingly.

Below is the annotated photo with pinout of the sensor’s connector. Unfortunately we do not provide matching JST socket for this sensor so additional care needs to be used when connecting the JST connector to avoid problems.

There are two trimming potentiometers on each of the motion sensors. One of the serves to set the time of delay till next triggering. The Lights controller does not use this function so this needs to be turned to minimum maximum left). This way the controller will be receiving detection impulses each time there will be actual detection.

Second of the potentiometers is used to set the sensitivity of the device which translates to the usable range of detection. You may set it up to proper vale depending on particular need.