Performing the Factory Reset

There is no device that cannot be broken is some ways. Devices with complex configuration options can be sometimes wrongly configured, causing various issues. Sometimes external context of the device can change, like the router may be replaced or network reconfigured, or the controller can be moved to other place. This may cause problems with re-connecting to the device.

Tribium controllers are no exception and sometimes it is desirable to return to initial configuration so all mistakes may removed allowing for clean start. This process is called the factory reset.

The most frequent possible cause of troubles is the failure to connect to the WiFi router thus preventing the device from being available via local network. Performing the factory reset will clean the device’s configuration and return it to a state as if it came fresh from the factory. Mainly it concerns the WiFi configuration: the device will start operate as an independent access point with SSID “LIGHTS-xxxxxxxx”.

In order to perform factory reset:

  1. Connect the device to power supply and power it.
  2. Press the FLASH button (which is recessed – use a pin or small screwdriver) for around 5-6 seconds. It will start beeping.
  3. When the device emanates series of fast beeps release the FLASH button.
  4. Wait until the device restarts. Two beeps mean that device is ready to operate.
  5. After the restart the red LED should shine red. This means the device is in the access point (AP) mode and it is ready to be added to your network.

After the factory reset the device can be configured using the cell phone app (Tribium Things) as it is described in First Steps.