Summary of Features

Below is the list of currently implemented features of the system. Some of them are still in the development phase but are planned to be fully tested and delivered upon product delivery to the customers.

  • Fully autonomous operation of the lights and their arrangements. While other solutions offer manual control of lights using a remote or cell phone application. Our solution emphasizes the autonomy of the operation of the lights. The App is merely used as a configuration tool to set up various variants of operation and behaviors and then it lets the system and sensors decide to turn on or off proper light sequences and arrangements.
  • Compatible with any 12V DC LED lights on the market up to 5A per channel (8 LED channels, 30A total current capacity), like: LED lights strips, Eagle eye LEDs, Spotlights, Under-cabinet light bars, Accent lights, Workplace lights, and more.
  • Offering various interesting light programs for each of the light channel (up to 8 channels available), like simple stable light, a flickering candle, pulsating light, broken neon simulation, stroboscopic light (party time?), fading sequence (when the user can define each of the fading steps), random occupation simulation mode (for anti-burglary protection), and so on.
  • Allows defining various light arrangements. So you can choose different light program configurations for different situations or times of the day etc.
  • Motion sensors (up to 4) can be used to trigger various light programs or their arrangements.
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors (up to 4) can be used to determine the specific location of people and trigger various light programs or arrangements accordingly.
  • The light can be controlled using the current ambient light level (ambient light sensors), allowing for example to shine certain lights when ambient light levels reach certain intensity ranges.
  • All programs can be restricted to be working only at specific time periods since it is equipped with a real-time scheduler.
  • Similarly, light programs or arrangements can be configured and restricted to work at specific ambient light levels only.
  • The system connects easily to your home WiFi network and it is fully controllable using a cell phone or tablet (Android).
  • If you are interested in integrating the system with your custom software, we expose the REST API that allows you to directly control any of the light controllers.
  • We offer various sensors with universal and convenient articulating mounts: Infrared (PIR) motion sensors (motion), Radar sensors (motion), Ultrasonic distance sensors (sonar), Ambient Light sensors (external ambient). This way you can attach them to almost any surface.