Using Switch As a Trigger

While the Tribium Lights controller was designed mostly with motion or distance sensors in mind as triggers, it is possible, and frankly quite easy to use regular switches to trigger the lights programs.

You may apply switches in multiple applications: to detect opening or closing doors in your room, or drawers in your furniture. If you have specific machinery that you want to synchronize with lights – switches can also come to help.

Any mechanical switch can be used in this scenario. They will be connecting to motion sensors inputs on the Tribium Lights controller.

The pins of the motion sensor connectors are: +5V, Ground, and input signal. The input signal should be with lower voltage levels – 0 for OFF and +3.3V for ON. You can use simple voltage divider circuit to convert from 5V to 3.3V. In the schematic below it is shown how to do that.

R1 and R2 values can be different (i.e. R1=11 Ohm and R=222 Ohm), just the proportion of their resistance values should be 1/2.

If you happen to have multiple switches that you want to trigger the same motion sensor input just connect them in parallel as it is show on the schematic below:

The rest of programming in the application (Tribium Things) remains identical as if these switches were regular motion sensors.

Have fun!