Adding new Device to Your Local WiFi Network

So you have a new device, like Tibium Lights controller, and you would like to start using it using your Android phone. The process is quite simple. Just follow the steps below.

Power Your Device

Before you can operate the device it needs to be added to your local network, using a WiFi connection, either in your home or the office.

Please follow the detailed instructions how to do it here:

Connect the power supply to the Tribium Lights device and turn it on. It should sound two short beeps and shine the red LED indicator. This means the device has established itself as an independent WiFi access point.

Install Tribium Things App

Tribium Lights can be controlled using the Android phone or tablet. On your Android phone install an application Tribium Things. You can easily find it in the Google Play Store by searching for “tribium things”.

If you find any troubles in finding and installing the application please refer to following page which deals with this subject in detail.

Add New Device in the App

Open the Tribium Things application on your Android phone. You will see the screen with the “+ Device” button. Press it to add the new device. On the following screen select the button to “Add New Device”.

The app will check your current WiFi connection whether it is suitable to be used to connect the intelligent devices. If the current WiFi connection is not suitable it will ask you to pick another one.

Select the access point name from the list – one that is suitable to be used by the smart device. It is shown with available (gray) rounded items on the list.

Then in the next window provide the password for this access point. If this access point was already saved you do not need to provide the password (unless it was changed in the meantime).

Press the Next button. The cell phone will try to connect to that access point to make sure that the credentials (SSID and the password) are correct.

In order for our new device to operate properly, we need to find an IP address for it. Specify the range of IP addresses that the phone will try to look for any existing devices and it will select the first unoccupied IP address. You need to define at least one IP address range that you will designate for your smart devices. Try to specify a relatively small range of numbers because it will affect the speed of scanning.

In the following view start the scanning process. The application will scan the IP range in sequence to find the first not used address and then it will suggest the number it has found.

You have the IP address for your new device. It is time to find its WiFi AP and connect to it.

In the next view you can specify some descriptive details about the device, like its name, and additional informative comment. When ready hit the Next button to save the details on the device. The device will restart and emit two short beeps, then it will connect to your selected access point.

Start Using the Device!

Now when your new device has been added to your home or office network, you can find it as listed on your Tribium Things application. If you tap on the box representing that device you will open the detailed view where you gain full control over the device.